"the spirit which is present in words"|2005|japanese paper, wool, silk, resin|350×450cm

A large sheet of cloth made from Japanese paper, on which to write words, and used clothing in which I believe the spiritual power of the body dwells“Kotodama” means spiritual power that dwells in words. Since ancient times, it has been believed in Japan that spoken words have some influence on actual phenomena. It is still believed these days and the sound exhaled from a body with breath has the speaker’s life in it and reaches the other party.


言葉を綴る和紙と身体の記憶が宿ると考える古着で一枚の大きな布を制作した。 言霊とは言葉に宿る霊的な力を表す。声に出した言葉が現実の事象に対して何らかの影響を与えると古来から日本で信じられてきた。 その考えは現代も生きており、身体から呼吸と共に吐き出された音は、その者の生命が宿り、相手へと辿り着く。