"between ◯ and ◯"| 2016|Inkjet、Mirror sheet|350mm × 425mm

Between ◯ and ◯:
What is there in "the space between A and B"?
This fragment - usually invisible space - has appeared in a visible form by closing a physical gap.
Space appears or disappears with the state of mind of a person as a mirror reflects light or melts into darkness.
This small encircled space is a part of the space shared by everybody and, at the same time, can be a special space of your imagination. Please find your favorite one.

between ◯ and ◯.

"between ◯ and ◯"|2016|Broach| Acrylics mirror、Wood, Metal|about 10mm 〜 100mm

『作品の一部を身につける』をテーマにした、五人の作家による作品展覧会と、作品から派生したブローチの展示・販売会をGallery Hasu no hanaで行いました。2014年制作の"Uncertain Surface"六角形シリーズから、新作の"between"シリーズまで発表しました。